Czeslaw Nowakowski

A painter and sculptor born in Lubliniec in 1965. A graduate of Jan Dlugosz University in Częstochowa Art Education Department with a major in Painting at Prof. Werner Lubos’ art studio. The artist creates his works in various techniques: he paints, sculpts, and creates pieces of metalwork and antique furniture design. Many an intriguing metalwork has come from his hammer and welder. One of his favourite themes is musical instruments. Although made of metal, even those two meters high seem as light in their structure as the originals. As the artist reveals, it is not the execution but the draft which requires most of the time and invention. He often introduces humorous accents into his works and derives inspiration from fairy-tale motifs, spreading the wings of his imagination. Curiously enough, now and again he uses waste materials in his creations, e.g. worn-out car parts: sometimes easy to identify at a glance and sometimes changed beyond recognition. High praise has been given to his series “Jesus’ Shroud” dealing with sacral themes.

Czeslaw Nowakowski has lately showed quite a distinct new side of his.  A recent exhibition presented his paintings created in the author’s original technique combining coarse canvas with wooden veneer, oil paints and sometimes (as in the work named “Katyń”) also barbed wire. A path of searching has led the artist to the point where he finds himself now – one can see it by looking at the paintings from the artist’s different creative periods, starting with his early years, characterized by strong realism of images, and until his years as a mature artist, when Czesław Nowakowski moved further to polysemantic imagery and abstractions.

I have had a chance to try different techniques in my creative work, from painting up to woodworking. Thanks to that I understood that the best result comes from a symbiosis of creation and nature. One can notice beauty even in a piece of wood or grass. Thanks to this, my works acquire an exceptional charm and surprise a lot of viewers, – says Czeslaw Nowakowski.

The author’s works won recognition of many artists’ and academics’, who appreciate Czesław Nowakowski’s creations for their unique and unparalleled nature.

I have always thought that one should not discuss art so as not to impose one’s own interpretation on others. Each person should find their own understanding and their own words to describe each painting. The artist’s real success is when his art surprises, teaches and at the same time leaves room for individual interpretation, – adds Czeslaw Nowakowski.