Czeslaw Nowakowski Gallery

Instead of another pub, a new unconventional art gallery has opened in Sójcze Wzgórze residential area. Enchanted fanciful metal dragons keep guard over it, while the host aspires for the place to have its sole.

My true adventure with Bytom started three years ago, – recalls Czesław Nowakowski. Driving through Stroszek district I saw the “White Hut” – an unfinished building right next to a former pub, put up for sale. I bought it without much hesitation and thus started achieving my dream.

It took three years to accommodate the house for the gallery needs according to the artist’s vision. The interior required certain modifications so as to allow exhibition. Visitors are already encouraged to enter the gallery by a cyclist rising over the fence. The yard is decorated with abstract stone sculptures, while the guests are welcomed by an iron dragon standing on a four-centuries-old baroque chest for home treasures just behind the entrance door. The rooms on the ground floor are furnished with antique furniture surrounded by numerous pieces of metalworking. They refer to different epochs and styles in art. The metal floral ornament twining around the mirror on the wall looks as if it were alive. The other works of artistic smithery are unique pieces of art created by hammer blows. They are impossible to replicate. Contrasting with the metal are the stone elements of the décor, including fireplaces, which create a warm atmosphere, and the plaster on the walls, which looks as if having originated in older times. The furniture standing on the stone floor smells of antiquity. Part of it did with just a little restoration. Mr Nowakowski explains that it had been a deliberate approach since the Polish market is full of imitations coming from Holland. His furniture therefore needs to preserve its authentic look.

The atmosphere of antiquity is broken by paintings hanging on the walls. Some of them were created by collage or impasto technique. The latter consists in applying thick layers of paint on the canvas. The paintings’ modern form has a symbolic meaning, mostly referring to religious themes. A visitor’s eye is struck by “Katyń” – a canvas representing the double tragedy of that place. Barbed wire encircles the red of a cross-shaped airplane. Next to it, there is a painting symbolizing the Lord’s Passion and tribute to the dead Jesus Christ put into his grave. The adjacent hall belongs to young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and Częstochowa. The characters in the paintings are full of colours, which have an upraising effect while adding a tinge of modernity to the interior.

We invite you to visit our gallery, in whose basement there is also a restaurant, its walls decorated with the artist’s paintings referring to the interior of the gallery. The gallery rooms are let to photographers, who hold photo sessions in these artistic surroundings. There is also a possibility to organize artistic banquets or theme workshops.

  • Podmiejska 18 | 41-933 Bytom