Our offer

All the exhibited paintings by Czesław Nowakowski and the cooperating artists are available for sale. Furthermore, we offer you an opportunity to order a continuation of the existing series basing on your expectations.

Our offer for architects and interior design bureaus

We are happy to offer you works by Czesław Nowakowski, who creates unique pieces of art in various techniques and on a very high artistic level. The artist’s works are characterized by a variety of materials used: from metalworks to paintings and compositions of coarse canvas, wood and painting. They include not only purely artistic works but also objects of utility such as lamps, wine racks, candlesticks, sofas, chairs, etc. Besides, the artist can offer antique furniture in its original form as well as in artistic design style.

Restoration of antiques

We gained the necessary knowledge and skills in this field during our ten-year apprenticeship at a gallery in Hamburg.

Sale of antique furniture

The Gallery offers a whole range of antique furniture from different periods in history, raw or after restoration as well as enriched by the modern artistic design.


The Gallery lets its rooms for photo sessions.

Space rental

The Gallery lets its rooms to organizations for different sorts of receptions or banquets. The offer is supplemented by the services of the restaurant situated in the basement of the Gallery, open every day from 12 p.m.